Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oprah, Obama, And The Occult

Last night I had some revelations while searching YouTube for anti-Obama videos. While watching these anti-Obama videos I kept seeing anti-Oprah videos show up in the “Related Videos” pane on the right side of my screen and one video in particular caught my attention. This one was titled “Oprah’s Religion – You Won’t Believe Your Ears”. For the last year or so I have seen Oprah’s New Age tilt, but the more videos I watched, the clearer that hunch became. She is now partnering with New Age author/guru Eckhart Tolle. Starting this past March, Oprah’s Book Club has been reading Mr. Tolle’s latest book “A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose” and holding online “classes” discussing the book, “spirituality”, and they have been meditating on the air. Incidentally, this new “church” is called A New Earth. This new “church” had over 300,000 people log in to its first sermon and it now claims over 25 MILLION adherents. This is HUGE.
My first encounter with Eckhart Tolle was at a customer’s house. This customer claims to be Jewish (she was born a Lutheran, but converted), but is deep into the occult (yoga, meditation, crystals, energy, etc). I am not very good at discerning spirits by any stretch, but this house gave me the heebie-jeebies. There were crystals everywhere (as a former pagan, that was my first indication) and in her bedroom were books by Eckhart Tolle, and upstairs she had a corner of her exercise room as a meditation area – complete with more crystals and stones and New Age meditation books. Then talking to her about all of this (she was open and honest with me) cemented my conclusions. Now, this customer is a wonderful person, but she is quite lost and needs lots of prayer to come back to Jesus.
As I delved a little deeper, I discovered that BHO may not be Muslim, after all. He may be a New Ager in the Church of Oprah. I watched one pastor picking apart Oprah’s class and pointing out her errors and the truth of the Bible. I watched what basically amounted multiple renditions of the same video promoting the book "Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid: Oprah, Obama, and the Occult" by Carrington Steele, and in those videos, I saw some clips of him basically proclaiming Oprah to be one of his spiritual advisors. Then I watched two videos from, the prophetic media ministry of Don Paul. Mr. Paul’s videos really opened my eyes as to what is really going on – this election is not just about preventing the most Liberal Senator ever from becoming the President of the United States, but preventing the spirits and principalities of darkness from reigning supreme. This election is bigger than man – it may very well be a fight of Good vs. Evil.
One thing that struck me the very first time I saw Mr. Tolle (before I saw ) was his eyes – they are windows into darkness. He is very soft-spoken and in most videos I could not hear what he was actually saying, but I could tell just from his eyes, and what little I knew about him, that he is a lost soul with a dark message candy-coated in feel-good “spiritualism”. Mr. Paul hit the nail on the head when he mentioned the darkness in Tolle’s eyes. I got excited that I was on the same page as one of God’s prophets. Please do not just take my word for it, go on YouTube and discover for yourself the sinister undercurrents of Oprah, BHO, and this election.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Myth Of The Charismatic Leader

I just visited the Stephen Ministries website. In reading about leadership and the flaws of the Charismatic Leader Model, I have confirmed the fatal flaw in Barack Obama and offer a warning to John McCain and Sarah Palin. BHO may make flowery speeches and have a "commanding presence", but that in no way can carry him through a Presidential term (or an election). To quote Joseph A. Raelin, in the journal Training + Development (March 2003):

"Relying on a single charismatic leader to part the seas for us works as long as the leader can successfully diagnose the environment and make correct decisions. But what happens when this same leader errs? What happens when his or her followers realize that they have the maturity to make their own decisions? What happens when the environment becomes so complex that no single individual could possibly discern all of its elements?"

Each candidte must realise that they are but one person. Whoever becomes President must assemble an effective team (in the form of their Cabinet) in order to successfully lead this country. The President is important, but he is just the head. He needs the rest of the body (his Cabinet) to be effective. A head is useless without the rest of the body. BHO has a Messiah complex and those around him are easily drawn in -- much like some mega-churches and cults. This phenomenon is dangerous and ultimately counter-productive. We Conservatives must not elevate John McCain or Sarah Palin to the level that BHO elevates himself. If we do, we will set ourselves up for disappointment, much like BHO is doing to himself and his followers. No one is perfect but Jesus. As has been said before, it is better to agree with someone 60% of the time than to disagree with someone 100% of the time. Let this serve as a warning.