Monday, September 20, 2010


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Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Dumbing Down of English

I hate the Internet because any moron who can't spell can publish something. Three factors have contributed to the dumbing down of the English language: public schools making literacy (the ability to understand English at the most basic level) the goal rather than mastery of the English language, the obsession with catering to the lowest common denominator, and the Information Age. I am obsessed with proper spelling and grammar. Since first grade I've been an excellent speller. After I had spelled the word "said" incorrectly on a spelling test I was bound and determined to become a proficient speller. In 3rd grade it came down to me and another girl. We tied -- the teacher could not stump either of us with 6th grade words. She just gave up and declared us both winners. In 5th grade I ended up skipping the 5th grade spelling level and acing the 6th grade one. I'm an excellent speller in French too, which is not my native language (English is).

An Open Letter To Misanthropic Environmentalists

This comment was deemed spam by the Nazis at MNN The Mother Nature Network. I sent them an e-mail and I am waiting for a reply. Some of the comments on that site were common sense and Conservative, so I may not have been blocked for my opinion. But, we shall see...

Dear Enviro-Nazi:

So is your ultimate solution for every human to commit suicide??? Do reports of people being killed give you a warm and fuzzy feeling??? Is your mantra "Save the animals/planet. Kill the humans"??? You and other enviro-nazis like you would rather see annihilation of the human race than to see one animal or plant even slightly distressed. You preach annihilation until your own life was threatened. Then you'd change your tune. If the world is so over populated, which population should be eliminated first??? Maybe it ought to be all of the Enviro-Nazis and Moonbats, but the real answer is all human life is sacred so no human should have to go first. Environmentalism should be about stewardship, not self-righteousness or destruction of the human race. We need to take care of what God has given us. Humans are not the only creatures that impact the environment. Beavers kill trees and flood areas with their dams. Gypsy moth caterpillars kill trees by eating their leaves. Animal waste is just as toxic as human waste. Unchecked animal populations can wreak havoc on an eco-system. The "Green" movement is self-defeating. How much more money and energy does it take to produce one "green" item versus a conventional one??? "Green" items tend to cost much more and are much less effective. Gaia worship is not going to get you into Heaven. Only through Christ can man get to Heaven.


God Fearing Conservative