Saturday, October 29, 2005

Yet Another Disturbing Trend

Have we gotten to the point in our society where if we call someone out for bad bahavior, WE are the ones who are accused of bad behavior??? Example: Someone is saying hateful things about someone else. You call them out on it. THEY accuse YOU of being judgemental (or racist, sexist, intolerant...take your pick). Are we so used to getting a free pass (especuially Liberals) that we cannot recognise bad behavior when we see it??? Are people so blinded (and thin-skinned) by Political Correctness that they will sweep ANYTHING under the rug (and make excuses for it)??? How can the people of a society act civil when they cannot see the difference between civil behavior and uncivil behavior??? Those who cry the loudest (the ones who cry "judgemental" when confronted) are often the guilty ones.

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