Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Warning to US Parents

Parents, do you know what your kids are being taught in school??? Last week, the 9th Circuit of the US Court of Appeals ruled that parents have NO control over what the public schools are teaching (indoctrinating) their kids (Think: Soviet Russia). This case stems from an explicit sex survey that was given to first, third, and fifth graders in California. An example: Do you think about having sex? If the types of questions asked on this survey were asked by Joe Schmo on the street, Mr. Schmo would be arrested, tried, and convicted of being a sexual predator.
This is outrageous. Parents have had their authority stripped by a black-robed oligarchy. It started when the courts ruled that teen girls do not need the consent of their parents to obtain an abortion. The unfortunate reality with that decision is that barring a miracle from God, a girl will have to die in order for that decision to be reversed.
But that needn't happen with this case. The glimmer of hope we have is that the Ninth Circuit is the most often-reversed court in the country. It is so ineffective that the House of Representatives is considering disestablishing it. Let us pray that God's will prevails, that both these decisions will be over-turned, that parents will be given their rights back, and that children will be protected.
Parents, we need to get involved in our children's education. Ask questions at Open House and Parent-Teacher Confrences, ask your children what they are learning in school, ask kids in your neighborhood who are a grade-level ahead of your kids what they are learning in school, meet with teachers and administrators regularly to share concerns, attend school board meetings, join with other parents sharing similar concerns, etc. If you are pro-active and get others involved, the school board is less-likely to try and socially-experiment with your kids.
For more information, please visit the Focus on the Family website.