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A Letter To An Obamazombie: Why BHO Is Bad For The Country

Dear Obamazombie,

Please read this blog and my friend Larry’s blog No Left Turnz. They both will provide you with more information. I love you and I want you to make a truly informed decision. All of the information that I have provided can be researched on the Internet. Another good website for information is Moonbattery. Why do you like Barack Obama so much??? I really want to know. No one I have asked can tell me why they blindly support such a dangerous and inexperienced candidate. I really want you to wake up, turn off the television, and stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

Life begins at conception and if it ain’t a baby, you ain’t pregnant. Barack Obama does not believe this – except for his own kids. He NEVER would have asked or encouraged Michelle to abort their kids, yet he has no problem with others aborting theirs – including encouraging his own daughters to abort instead of being “punished with a baby”. There is no “choice” in being “pro-choice”. The truth about abortion providers is that they deceive women into thinking that killing their baby is their only option. They also fail to outline the physical and mental side-effects. I may go through a lot of pain in adopting Izzie out, but at least I know that she is alive. I do not have to live knowing that I killed my child. Every woman knows that they are carrying a baby. They just delude themselves into thinking that they’re not in order to rationalize their decision. Abortion is selfish and self-serving. There is NO WAY that an abortion would make a woman feel better about getting pregnant (the “mental health of the mother” argument). It would only make her feel worse knowing that she killed her baby. Barack Obama has no problem making Down’s syndrome babies extinct or endangered. Most babies that are aborted are either minorities (including his own race) or have Down’s. He was the ONLY state senator to argue that it is OKAY to let babies who survive a botched abortion DIE. His excuse for his vote and argument was the bill introduced did not mimic the federal legislation exactly. When it was reintroduced, this time EXACTLY mimicking the federal legislation, he still voted either “no” or “present” (essentially a “no” vote in Illinois).
Barack Obama has never taken a stand on anything – except abortion. He voted “present” over 140 times while in the Illinois State Senate. He avoids controversial votes to this day.
Do you really want someone who has no experience in the White House??? Never mind that Barack Obama has not held a real job since he flipped burgers in high school. He is clueless on how the presidency works and fancies himself a dictator. He’ll just ignore all treaties and the Constitution and make his own rules — if we the people let him. For a Constitutional lawyer with a fancy degree from Harvard, Barack Obama has no clue what the Constitution actually says. He was absent or drunk and high the day they taught the Constitution in Con Law class.
Do you really want a President with the middle name Hussein???
If you hate CHAMPUS or TriCare, you’ll REALLY hate HusseinCare. If my sister Allison was born into a country with socialized medicine, she would have died waiting for her heart surgery.
When my grandmother died, my mom hated paying Capital Gains tax on her inheritance. Do you really want your children to have to pay an exorbitant amount of tax on theirs???
Barack Obama despises “rich” people, yet he is himself “rich” by his own standard. He is a hypocrite.
If Barack Obama has surrounded himself with despicable people (Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, et al.) for the last thirty years, how can you trust or expect him to make good character judgments in choosing his Cabinet and advisors??? Also, Obama could never get a security clearance from any US intelligence agency. He could never be an employee at the White House. He could never be anywhere near a nuclear weapon or a nuclear submarine. He could never pass a basic background check by the FBI. Why? Because his relationships with Ayers and Rezko would immediately surface and could never explain away those relationships in a manner that would satisfy our security requirements. Yet, he is on the verge of being handed the keys to White House by uninformed voters and, more importantly, ACORN registered illegals.
Barack Obama will say anything to get elected – more so than John McCain. Barack Obama claims to be blue collar in rural Pennsylvania, and then turns around and tells fellow elitists in San Francisco that rural Pennsylvanians “cling to their guns and religion.” He will say whatever appeals to the particular constituency to whom he is speaking – whether or not he truly believes what he is saying. At least John McCain is consistent across constituencies.
If you hate it when blacks and Puerto Ricans move into the neighborhood, why do you want a black guy in the White House??? (saying he is half white does not count)
Barack Obama is a racist. His church, Trinity United Church of Christ, which he attended for over 20 years, espouses “Black Liberation Theology”, a “black supremacist”, Marxist, radical form of “Christianity”. It is more like a heresy. Contrary to what Barack Obama would have you believe, it is impossible to attend a church every day for 20 years, be featured in its bulletin and magazine, be mentored by its pastor, work with “community organizers” to raise funds for its “charities”, and NOT be influenced by its racist doctrine. Barack Obama is playing the American people for fools.
It is impossible that Barack Obama and William Ayers only had a casual, “he’s a guy in my neighborhood” relationship. Ayers gave Barack Obama his start in politics – at his house. Most people do not host swanky parties in their house for a stranger or acquaintance. Also, Barack Obama and Ayers have a LONG history together. They have served on many high-profile boards and organizations together through the last twenty years. Ayers is an UNREPENTANT terrorist. He stated right after 9/11 that he regrets that he didn’t do enough bombings back in the ‘60s. Most people would be turned off by those revelations. Barack Obama is not. If the past was truly in the past, and irrelevant as Barack Obama claims, then why is Ayers unrepentant and why are they friends???
How can someone with no character make character judgments???
Do you want your military member to be unemployed??? If Barack Obama becomes President, he will not disband the military, but he definitely would a) reduce its ranks considerably a la Bill Clinton in the ’90s and b) pull us out of ALL foreign countries (including NATO countries — aren’t we obligated to be in NATO countries by treaty??? — oh well, I doubt that would matter much to Barack Obama, anyway. If Barack Obama pulls us out of all foreign countries, then the US military will be nothing more than a “peacekeeping force” only brought out during national emergencies and natural disasters. Barack Obama will emasculate our military by culling the ranks, and forcing ridiculous rules of engagement and foolish liberal peacenik policies.
Barack Obama squelches free speech. His campaign has employed “Truth Squads” in Missouri to stop any legitimate criticism that does not conform to what Barack Obama and his campaign wants the country to believe. The Soviet Union did this. China does this. This is America. Again, apparently Mr. Constitutional Lawyer has failed to actually read the Constitution.
Barack Obama is in violation of the Logan Act. He illegally negotiated with Iraqi leaders to delay any agreement on a reduction of U.S. troops in Iraq until the next U.S. president takes office. The Logan Act specifically prohibits and makes it a felony for unauthorized US citizens to negotiate with foreign governments.
If “Hope” and “Change” are the themes (they CANNOT be policy positions or framework) of Barack Obama’s campaign, then why did he choose Joe Biden, a thirty-year veteran of the US Senate and a Washington insider, as his Vice President??? Most likely it is because Barack Obama (and Biden) knows that he needs his hand held while in office. Joe Biden even admitted that during the VP debate.
Barack Obama may not be a US citizen. Some of his family in Kenya claim that he was born there, while his mom was not of age long enough to qualify Obama to be an automatic US citizen according to a Hawaiian residency law that was on the books when Obama was born. Also, all attempts to properly vet him as a candidate have been met with accusations, criticism, evasion, and lack of cooperation on the part of Obama and his campaign. Again, Obama is ignoring the Constitution in his quest to become President.
Barack Obama takes credit for other people’s accomplishments. While in the Illinois Senate, Obama was handed bills that were written by other people and took the credit for crafting them and passing them – as if he is the only one in the Senate. He also has tried to take credit for John McCain’s 2005 attempt at reigning in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. He may have written a letter, but John McCain wrote LEGISLATION. Big Difference.
Barack Obama accepted money from Fannie and Freddie. He received the SECOND HIGHEST amount of contributions. It took Chris Dodd over 20 years to accumulate the highest amount. Obama did it in less than 2 years!!!
You despised Hillary Clinton as First Lady, yet you support Barack Obama. Michelle Obama is an Ice Queen. She makes Hillary Clinton look like Donna Reed. Michelle Obama may be more radical and more hateful than her husband.
Barack Obama’s promise of a tax cut on 95% of taxpayers is a lie. The first move Barack Obama will make as President will be to ALLOW THE BUSH TAX CUTS TO EXPIRE. That will instantly raise the taxes on the 100% of ALL working Americans who pay taxes and don’t get those payroll taxes back in full when they file those dastardly IRS forms on/before April 15th. So there’s the fallacy of his first tax lie: 95% of Americans - with emphasis on the Middle Class, of course - will get a TAX CUT. NOPE, NO WE WON’T!! That’s the big lie - “95% of Americans” or “those making less than $250,000″ [more class warfare] getting tax cuts under Obama’s “plan” is BULL. Did I mention that letting those Bush tax cuts EXPIRE raises taxes on 100% of taxpaying Americans? So, that’s tax INCREASE #1 via an Obama Presidency … and that’s just the beginning of Obama’s bizarre plethora of tax and spends craziness to force the Middle Class down into an underclass utterly dependent upon Big Government for everything. Gather up your calculator and go to Wikipedia’s homepage. Type in “Barack Obama” and in “advance search”, type in “certificate”. His platform plans are laid out on all levels should he become the President. Keep in mind the current cost of daily living, the national economic crisis we’re facing, future prices of energy since Democrats have taken control of the Congress alone, and the national deficit. As a reasonable, logical person, do you prefer the wisdom of an experienced painter or the enticement of a neon sign?
Barack Obama and the rest of the Liberals in Congress are so blinded by their shear hatred of President Bush that they want to undo EVERYTHING, good or bad, that he did during his Presidency.

Please consider these points carefully before you make your decision on Election Day. Do not be intimidated by pollsters and community rabble-rousers.


MavCuda Supporter

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