Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How To Mitigate The Damage

Now that Barack Hussein Obama has been elected as the new President we as Christians can mitigate the damage by warring in the Spirit.

1. Do NOT accept defeat. This is America's wake-up call, not necessarily a judgement, but a warning that if the Church does not effectively rise up against the demonic realm and reclaim its authority, the worst is yet to come.

2. Continue to follow politics. Come against the power of the government by praying against their evil plans (i.e. The fairness Doctrine, Freedom of Choice Act, repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, crippling taxes, etc.). Take dominion over your locality.

3. Hone your spiritual weapons. Read and study the Bible, especially on the subject of spiritual warfare and discernment of the spiritual realm. For a good primer and continued support in your "training," go to and study the BTWs and watch Pastor Don's weekly live broadcast. Pray and ask God to show you how to become a spiritual warrior.

4. Pray. Pray for protection over our land. Pray that the light of truth will be shone on BHO and will reveal his true intentions and his true nature. Pray that all those with eyes to see and ears to hear will receive the truth -- and act on it.

5. Do NOT forget all of the information learned about BHO during his campaign and this past election cycle. It will come in handy during the next election cycle in 2012. Download and archive as many videos, websites, blogs, etc. Do not throw or give away any of your anti-Obama books. They will be just as relevant come 2012.

6. Petition the government for a full investigation into BHO's background and eligibility to hold the office of President. If enough people contact their Senators, maybe they will act. Even if this happens after Inauguration Day, there is still the possibility of impeachment. After all, BHO did seek the nomination and win the election under false pretenses. Go to and sign the petition. The petitions will be delivered to your Representative and Senators. For maximum impact, you can also have them hand delivered for a small fee. Hand delivered letters are more difficult to ignore than e-mails, and if they see your letter twice, they may be more inclined to act.


Tod K said...

Don't forget that we are required by scripture (I Timothy 2:1-5) to pray for Obama. Paul wrote this in his letter to Timothy at a time when Nero, who actively persecuted Christians, was the emperor of Rome.

Amy D said...


I have now come to understand that. This election really disappointed me and scared me because BHO is such a shady character. But, God is still at the helm, and as far as I can tell so far, He has been mitigating the damage. Even though we are going through economic turmoil, I can see the silver lining -- as long as times are tough, BHO & Co. will be kept at bay and will be prevented from wreaking havoc on our economy by hiking taxes and implementing crippling environmental fees and regulations. God is still in control!!!