Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some Comfort

Thanks to Tod K for the inspiration to write this.

God is still at the helm, and as far as I can tell so far, He has been mitigating the damage. Even though we are going through economic turmoil, I can see the silver lining — as long as times are tough, BHO & Co. will be kept at bay and will be prevented from wreaking havoc on our economy by hiking taxes and implementing crippling environmental fees and regulations. Granted, other chaos may ensue from “bailouts”, but I really think that if the American people (and Republicans) keep voicing their disdain for bailouts, the Dems will keep themselves in-check. The Dems are campaigning for 2010 by their actions now. They know that the American people are watching (hence the closed-door meetings). They can’t do anything too radical without risking their prospects in 2010. Also, BHO has to play it cool until 2012. If he becomes too radical, he will pay for it next election. God is still in control!!!

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