Saturday, January 17, 2009

BHO’s “Pork-Free” Pork Fest

If BHO's “stimulus” package is not pork-laden, then I do not know what is. Government DOES NOT create wealth, BUSINESS creates wealth. The only projects that are worthwhile are the road construction (bridges, highways, etc.) and electric grid (minus the alternative-energy stuff) improvements and upgrades. Everything else left me scratching my head. I smell political pay-offs… BHO is so hell-bent on passing his “Pork-Free” Pork Fest otherwise known as his “economic stimulus” plan that he is hustling various Democrat Senators by making personal phone calls to them. Apparently his silver tongue is working, well almost. There is one Dem Senator (I didn’t catch her name) who CNN interviewed and she said that despite BHO’s telephone plea, she’s not buying his plan. She still plans to vote against it. If only more Dems were as smart as this lady. BHO’s idea of stimulating the economy through expanding government bureaucracy and creating government jobs is nothing more than a Liberal redefinition of “recycling”. The government pays your paycheck and takes out the requisite taxes. No new money is created, it is just recycled back to the Treasury. Only private industry creates new money. When are these Dimwits going to figure this out?? Larry Kudlow had a great interview with my Conservative hero, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH). Rep. Boehner has formed a working group with House Minority Whip Eric Cantor to develop a true free-market alternative to BHO’s Pork-Fest. As far as the rest of TARP, he plans to vote against it, but the House vote is merely symbolic. Hey, even if it’s symbolic, the vote will send a message to each Reps’ constituents. Vote for the people who spend your money wisely and vote out the people who squander it. Just a question: When will BHO quit campaigning and start governing, or at least prepare to govern. Someone send a memo to this guy that the election is OVER!!!

Larry Kudlow’s interview with Rep. Boehner can be found here.

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