Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boehner Watch: BHO Bi-Partisanship???

I have been following John Boehner since October and he has said some interesting things lately. He says that Conservatives/Republicans should not wish for BHO’s failure because BHO needs to succeed in order for America to succeed. In a way, he is right. Let me just say this: I DO NOT WANT BHO’S LIBERAL IDEAS TO WORK!!!! But, if Republicans can somehow come up with a better plan and BHO likes it, BHO can compel Congress (especially the House) to consider it by forcing the Dems’ hand. No one about to seek re-election is going to want to be seen as undermining the President. The Republicans can play politics by going over Bella’s head. BHO is already willing to meet with Congressional Republicans. If he continues this trend throughout his Presidency, and the GOP continues to produce better plans and ideas, the GOP caucus may have its say yet. If Boehner & Co. play their cards right, they can use BHO’s bipartisanship and willingness to be all things to all people agains the Dems. However, I do realise that Bella Pelosi has imposed rules that will make it extremely difficult for Republicans to make their voices heard, but where there is a will, there is a way. And BHO may be doing all of this bi-partisan posturing for show. I am optimistic, but skeptical. I shall keep my eyes and ears open. Also, we have to realise that there will be some things that BHO does that we may like. They may be few and far between, but they will be there. We can’t suffer BHO Derangement Syndrome like the libs did with Bush. As fun as it may sound, two wrongs still DO NOT make a right. My whole point is this: Like John Boehner has said,”If it is good for the country, then I am for it.”


Anonymous said...

Its all about smoke and mirrors with democrats.
Omamie met with Republicans for APPEARANCE sake ONLY.
He has no intentions of implementing any of their capitalist ideas.
This guy is a socialist through-and-through.

There isn't anything the democrats can do that is GOOD for this country.
Socialism simply does not work.
There is absolutely no reason for anyone to work in a socialist society.
You and I will continue to try. Continue to try to get better jobs, more pay, save more, etc.
But, after years and years of socialism- which by its very definition makes that impossible, we will most likely stop trying.
We, and our children, and children's children, will simply accept the fact that we can take what the gubment gives us, and simply "get by".

Just like our Founding Fathers and the sacrifices they made (Boston Tea Party, etc), we can make some sacrifices too.
Stand back. Let them fail.
Let us return to Jimmy Carter days:
double digit unemployment
double digit interest rates
double digit inflation

Let's bite the bullet, weather the storm, grit our teeth, and hold on till the last man.
We must show them that socialism simply does not work.
And, by standing by and allowing them to do what they want, they (demonrats) cannot possibly blame any of the mess on Republicans.
I'm willing to have 4 rough years if it means shoving their faces in their feces.


Anonymous said...

people just aren't getting it.
Obama DOES NOT CARE what works or doesn't work.
Obama does NOT want to FIX health care.
He simply wants to TAKE IT OVER.
And, NOT to provide us with the best health care, but simply to STEAL THE MONEY.
Its ALL about controlling the money.