Monday, January 26, 2009

Conservative Prophesies

As I have been saying for some time now, this is one of the few times that I am not right and that my predictions and those of my fellow Conservatives do not come to fruition.

Conservative Prophesies That Did NOT Come True:

BHO DID NOT place his hand on a Koran when taking the Oath of Office.

BHO DID say “So help me God” at the end of his oath.

BHO IS NOT going to redecorate the entire White House. He CAN’T. There are several laws and organisations that forbid it. He is only allowed to redecorate the living quarters (read: NON-PUBLIC areas) and most of the budget is dedicated to his daughters’ bedrooms.

Not all Democrats are lock-step with BHO. The majority of his opposition is coming from his own party. Moonbats are never satisfied.

BHO IS more bi-partisan than he ever was as a legislator. Although, someone needs to inform him that it is CONGRESS who makes the laws and so far, Bella Pelosi has ZERO interest in including the Republicans in her reindeer games.

NOT all world leaders are hailing the ascension of the Moonbat Messiah. Ahmedinejad and Chavez still hate America and protesters in Gaza held a sign that had bullet holes through a picture of BHO’s head.

Conservative Prophesies that DID Come True:

BHO IS the most pro-death President EVER. He signed two anti-life Executive Orders as soon as he became President. One authorises taxpayer dollars to fund overseas groups that perform abortions (Reagan’s Mexico City Doctrine). The other one rescinds GWB’s restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.

BHO also closed GITMO. John McCain would have done the same thing, except McCain would have solved the problem of housing the terrorists BEFORE promising to immediately close it.

If I have left any out. please let me know.

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