Friday, January 02, 2009

MSM Bias Toward Hamas And Against Israel

What Moonbats in the MSM fail to realise is that it was HAMAS that broke its Cease-Fire with Israel and started firing its rockets, NOT the other way around. These hypocrites support "Palestine's" right to defend itself, but if Israel dares to defend itself, the Israelis are called "terrorists". What a CROCK!!! "Palestine" is not a real country and it is "run" by a TERROR GROUP!!! They're the real terrorists. Hamas hides in residential areas and whines and cries when Israeli airstrikes kill innocent civilians. Don't hide in civilian areas, and civilians won't get hurt. These Hamas cowards call themselves an army and instead of fighting on a battlefield, they hide in appartement buildings in cities among civilians. I have no sympathy for terrorists.


Anonymous said...

Amy, isn't this exactly the same crap we had to put up with in Iraq, while the fighting was at it's worst? The Insurgents were reporting how we were blowing up Mosques and schools. But that came to a screeching halt when the embedded reporters helped the military prove to the world that the insurgets were stockpiling weapons in the schools and living in the Mosques. Remember the stories from the front where reporters talked to the Iraqui people there who told us they had been forced to hide the terrorists in their hoemes and schools? We only got those reports because the reporters were embedded with the troops and the ones who belonged to the MSM were not allowed to make up stories and reports lies.

In this war, the Israeli military does not have that situation. they have to rely on the reporters to tell the story, and they are all in the pocket of the left! So the truth cannot be told, and they are stuck with the lies. Perhaps they could learn something from our military and embed the reporters with the units, so they could see the real story, and not be given the chance to report lies.

Just my opinion...

BTW, Amy this is T from Noleftturns. I enjoy your site. Hope you are feeling better.

Amy D said...


I remember all of that. I agree that the Israelis should embed reporters with their troops. I think they do not because they are concerned for the reporters' safety. The Israelis are probably also concerned with security. Remember, you can't trust a Leftist!!!


Amy D said...

P.S. I'm feeling better, thanks!!!!