Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cold War II -- The Redux

I am repeating my comments from previous posts because it needs to be said again. I truly believe that the Cold War never truly ended and that Putin is a very real threat. I could read his ambitions the moment I found out he was ex-KGB. Folks, this is, dare I say, the continuation of the Cold War. We need to start building up our military, both in personnel and materiel. It is time to put the military-industrial complex back into full-swing. The Russians have been doing it since they climbed out of their debt-hole and we need to catch up (their technology may not be up-to-date, but they are increasing their numbers -- that's bad enough). We need all of our Russian-speaking spooks to come back to our intelligence agencies and our military. The Pentagon needs to keep the Air Force Cyber Command. And Congress needs to okay anything the DoD needs to make our military capable of keeping the Russkies in-check. We need to start producing and resupplying our stockpile of Minuteman nuclear missiles “just in case”. The worst mistake our country has made is underestimating Russia. The Soviet Union didn’t die. Our military has been criticised for training based on Cold War tactics, but apparently they knew something that we didn’t -- that the Bear would come back as our enemy some day. The Russkies still play a major role in supplying our enemies with weapons and training. Those AKs that you see “insurgents” firing at our guys are made by Russia. Who gave Iran nuclear know-how??? You guessed it, Russia. Where does Hugo Chavez get his military aircraft now that we have cut him off??? Russia. Unless we beat the Russians at their own game and become a true superpower again, Putin will simply laugh in our face while re-creating the CCCP. Whoever still calls the US the lone superpower apparently has not read any news headlines for the past week. I have been following Russia for over 20 years, and I have never trusted them. I trusted Gorbechev much more than I ever trusted Putin, and Gorbi was not a closet Soviet. Is it now politically correct again to call the Russkies Soviets??? I find Russia’s indignance and anger at our missile defense shield hypocritical and inverted. They’re just mad that our shield will prevent them from hitting us and our allies with their missiles and the missiles of their allies (our enemies). They just don’t think that we are playing fair. Well, you know what they say, “All’s fair in love and war, especially war.” We need to pray for Georgia, Poland, and Israel. Russia would love to see all three either destroyed or annexed as new territory.