Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tom Brokaw Grows A Pair

I just finished watching "Meet The Press" with Tom Brokaw and I am actually impressed. His guests tonight were Caroline Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and a political roundtable discussion with Gwen Ifill, Jon Meacham, and Chuck Todd. I could not believe my ears when he was talking to Caroline Kennedy about BHO choosing Sen. Biden for his VP, Mr. Brokaw did not fawn all over Barack Obama, but actually acknowledged people's misgivings about BHO without kissing Oshama's butt or bashing John McCain. Also, he called Nazi Pelosi to the carpet for her investment in and endorsement of natural gas, and her flip-flopping stance on the surge in Iraq. It was beautiful. The one disappointment was when Ms. Pelosi said she was an "ardent Catholic" in one breath and then defended "a woman's right to choose" in the next, and Brokaw did not really call her out on it. Mr. Brokaw could have lit into her, but I will take whatever I can get. The most telling event of the interview came when Brokaw and Pelosi were talking about Sen. Biden and how he and Hillary can "sell" Obama's childhood at the convention and on the campaign trail. Obama was abandoned by his father and was raised mostly by his grandmother, but he says in his autobiograhy that he "raised himself". Boo hoo. Poor Baby, here's a tissue. Would you like some cheese with your whine??? Typical Liberals appealing to feeling and emotions and avoiding policy positions. It seems as if the message is we should vote for BHO because we feel sorry for him. Well, I'm not buying it.