Saturday, August 23, 2008

Politics Schmolitics

People need to realise that NO ONE is perfect and that there is NO SUCH THING as the perfect candidate. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. I would definitely rather agree with someone 60% of the time than 0% of the time. Heck, I don’t even agree with my husband 100% of the time, and I love him more than life itself. Here's my diatribe against “protest voters”: A special note to all those self-absorbed whiners who want to vote for a third-party candidate: 1) Voting for a third-party candidate does not make you better than everybody else — you’re not that special. 2) Voting for a third-party candidate makes you self-righteous — you will not get special standing from God if you vote for the Constitution Party, nor will God strike you dead for voting for McCain. 3) Do you remember 1992??? Perot handed the election to Clinton. A vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for Oshama — remember that! Americans are so illiterate when it comes to history. I blame the American method of teaching history and the public schools’ penchant for indoctrinating rather than educating. I rest my case. Another thing that ticks me off about debating with liberals is when they tell me to stop reciting FOX News talking points in my arguments. I don’t even watch that much TV, and here in EU-Land, I don’t get FOX 24/7. I get about half FOX and half CNN. I’m stuck with whatever AFN decides to give me. I get my arguments from over 20 years of paying attention to the news and world events, talking with intelligent people, especially those much older and wiser than myself, and reading. I have an impressive library (much to my hubby’s chagrin — he hates it that I have so many books). I read and I use my brain. I can see the handwriting on the wall. History is repeating itself. If Obambi is Carter-Lite, then MCCain is Reagan-Lite. McCain is the closest we have to the Gipper.