Saturday, August 23, 2008

Megalomania and Historical Cliches

Oshama is starting to make me sick. Other than the unequivocal evidence that he is a despicable human being (socialism, abortion, terrorist friends), his obsession with historical cliches is tiring. Between hinm thinking of himself as Dr. King and JFK, now he is fancying himself as Abraham Lincoln. He is making his official announcement/introduction in Springfield Illinois. Neither he nor Sen. Biden is from Springfield, yet he is making his announcement there. Why??? Because that’s where Honest Abe made his political start. He thinks so highly of himself and so lowly of others that it is sickening. He does not talk to people, he talks at them. That and the fact that he uses way too many words to say nothing at all. Empty platitudes make nice slogans, but they will not solve this country's problems. When will someone tell Mr. Oshama that he is not that special and that his 15 minutes were up an hour ago???